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The importance of double opt-in introductions

A double-opt-in introduction, also known as a mutual introduction, is considered the best way to make introductions.


It ensures that both parties are willing and interested in connecting before the introduction is made. 

A double-opt-in introduction can increase the chances of a successful connection and can also help to prevent unwanted intros.

Here is an example of a blind (spammy) introduction that was made to me recently:




I love the Connector. I've known them for years. However, they assumed I would be willing to meet with their friend. 

The truth is, I ended up taking the call, but it felt forced versus organic.

Double-opt-in intros are courteous for all involved avoiding any feelings of resentment for all of the parties involved.

Below is a hypothetical double opt-in intro: 



1) A person (let's call them “Requester”) wants to speak with another person (let's call them “Prospect”).




2) “Requester,” notices that “Prospect” has a mutual connection (lets call them“Connector”).




3) “Requester” contacts “Connector” to request an introduction to “Prospect”.B2SxKuG32C6apk



4) “Connector,” tells “Requester” that they can make an intro but need to check with the “Prospect” first.




5) “Connector” contacts “Prospect” to see if they are open to speaking with “Requester”.5UeG2mj7Qai79D



6) “Prospect” is open to speaking with “Requester”.




7) “Connector” introduces the “Prospect” and “Requester” to each other.



The double-opt-in method benefits both parties by allowing them to approve the introduction and decide if they want to connect. Therefore, this approach can lead to more relevant and valuable connections that are more likely to lead to a successful outcome.

This approach also protects all parties' privacy, preventing unsolicited or unwanted contact from strangers.

A double opt-in may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people don't do it. A double-opt-in introduction is the best way to make introductions, as it ensures that both parties are willing and interested in connecting. 

It works by having the person who wants to make the introduction contact the mutual connection, reaching the other party to check if they are also interested in connecting. This approach leads to more relevant and valuable relationships and protects the privacy of all parties involved.


Posted February 13, 2023