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The forward-able email and how to make it compelling

After your connector agrees to introduce you to a prospect, it's essential to provide them with a clear and concise message that they can easily forward to the intended recipient. A well-crafted email can make all the difference in your introduction is successful. 

To ensure you avoid common mistakes, we have established guidelines for writing a top-notch "forwardable email".


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If possible, the email should include the following: 

Distinctive subject line
Something like "Introducing [Company Name]" with an attention-grabbing hook.
An expression of gratitude
A short expression of gratitude to the “Connector” thanking them for the introduction can go a long way. 
Compelling blurb
A summary of your role, company, and how you have helped other similar companies achieve XYZ objectives.

Remember to attach any supporting resources, like a one-pager or deck. We recommend using DocSend or HubSpot Documents for tracking.

Miscellaneous tips:

Make the message brief and to the point
Make it easy for the connector and prospect. Keep your forwardable email brief. And most important, ask for a meeting. If there is no call to action, confusion will ensue. 
Send the forward-able as a new message
It's essential to send the email as a new message and not add it to an existing conversation. Just to remind you, the connector will likely forward your email to the prospect. 
Include contact details

Ensure all your contact information, including your email and mobile phone number, is included in the signature block.


Here is a template that you can use as a reference:


Hi Brendon,

Thank you for offering to introduce me to Susan Korbey, CMO, at Acme Company.

I have been speaking with members of Susan's team, and she will be interested in finding that we can likely help the team unlock $11.25M in annual savings with our new corporate travel card.

Our technology can enable the following:

  • Program setup that's fast and easy: Build and manage a high-performance travel and spend program that will scale limitlessly.
  • Premium Global Capabilities: With offices worldwide, we provide premium corporate travel, card, and expense solutions.
  • A Unified Solution for Corporate: Cards and expenses are seamlessly integrated into a unified solution, streamlining the experience.

I have included our one-pager. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to facilitate the introduction as I would love to meet Susan.

Thank you,

Posted February 13, 2023