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Our favorite communities for founders, VCs, and GTM leaders

Hey there! Imagine diving into a pool of entrepreneurial vibes where founders, VCs, and GTM leaders hang out. That's what communities are all about. It's like the ultimate backstage pass to the startup world, where sharing knowledge is the game, and everyone's winning. Founders, you'll bump into folks who could open doors to new opportunities, from funding to partnerships. VCs, picture this: a hotspot where the next big thing is just a conversation away. And GTM leaders, get ready to stock up on market intel and growth tricks that'll make your strategies shine.

But it's not just about the perks and opportunities. These communities feel like home, offering support and a sense of togetherness that's rare in the rollercoaster ride of building a business. In short, joining one of these communities is like joining a party where everyone's keen to help each other thrive. It's fun, it's fruitful, and it's the best move you make.

10K Designers UX/UI Design
Accelerated General tech news, jobs, updates
AcquiredFM Tech M&A news
BetterIT // SaaS Ops Cloud technology professionals
Cloud Foundry Cloud Foundry contributors and support
Community Club Community-focused Community VC Community
CPO HQ Chief People Officers
Data Quest Data Community
Designer Hangout Invite - only for UX Designers
Dreamers and Doers Womxn in Entrepreneurship
eCommTalk Shopify ecommerce community
Elpha Women in Tech
EVC Emerging VC Global Community
EVCA VC Community
Future of SaaS SaaS focus
GenZ Mafia GenZ in tech
GenZ VC VC Community
Hampton Invite-only founder commnity
Humans on Clubhouse A community for Clubhouse members to connect with each other on a 1:1 basis.
Kubernetes Kubernetes users
Latka SaaS Hackers SaaS Founders and Operators
Locally Optimistic Data & Analytics
MacAdmins Apple technology professionals + other IT channels, 36K+ members
Mind the Product Product Managers (international)
ML Ops ML focus
Online Geniuses Marketing
Pavilion GTM and founder community
Product Led Growth Anyone interested in Product Led Growth
RevOps Co-op Rev Ops Leaders
SaaS Ops / Better IT Cloud technology professionals, >4K+ members
Shipping Now Discord  
Startup Chat Online startup community
The Product School Product Managers
Viral We Growth The Community For Creators focused on turning their projects into ventures.
Women in CyberSecurity Women in CyberSecurity
Women in Product Women in Product
Women in VC Women in VC
Wordpress Slack For anyone using Wordpress

Posted February 11, 2024