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Nearbound 101

Ever heard of Nearbound? No? Well, strap in, 'cause it's the latest buzzword hitting the B2B streets, promising to supercharge your sales funnel like never before!

It's the new kid on the block, born from the old-school methods of outbound and inbound but with a twist. 

The new world 🌎

Let's shake things up and dive into the wild world of business evolution, shall we?

The past 5 years have thrown us more curveballs than last century. It's survival of the fittest, and even the big dogs are scrambling to keep up.

Here's the kicker: The game has changed. Complexity is the new normal. But instead of rolling with the punches, some companies are stuck in the past, missing out on the current digital party.

In today's world where profitability is king, companies are on the prowl for fresh revenue streams.

Especially as CAC (customer acquisition costs) have gone up nearly 60% in B2B 🤯. 



Enter Nearbound, blending relationship-led growth with sales to open up a whole new playground of opportunities.

We're all about connections and relationships these days, but let's be honest – trust is hard to come by.

So, how do we ride this wave of change and come out on top?

Think of it as the evolution of sales, where the focus has shifted from cold-email spamming to genuinely connecting through introductions and referrals.

Scott Leese, sales vet and guru, refers to this change as the evolution from Go-to-Market to Go-to-Network. 

go to network

The deal is that we're drowning in information (hello, ad overload), and the old ways of selling are hitting a wall.

Outbound sales and inbound marketing tactics?

They're not cutting it anymore. People want honest, trustworthy connections, not just another sales pitch.

That's where Nearbound turns the tables by leveraging your connections network, be it your advisors, investors, partners, and customers.

It's not just about what you know but who you know and trust.

This strategy is about building genuine relationships and tapping into introductions, influence, and insights, which can result in more sales deals closing faster. 

Nearbound is new. Very new. Many people have also referred to it as Relationship-led Growth or Go-to-Network. As they say... tomayto, tomahto.

But, let's face it: Nearbound is a game-changer, and it's not going anywhere. It's about using our collective networks to reach out and truly connect and provide value.

So, what's Nearbound in a nutshell?

Nearbound the secret sauce to thriving in today's complex digital jungle by embracing the power of relationships and trust to reach your customers. And the best part? It's paving the way for a more connected, trustworthy business world. Let's get on board and ride the wave of change together!

The Software that Supports Nearbound 💻

Tools like PRMs like, Account Mapping Platforms like Reveal, and Relationship-led Growth platforms like Hifive, are the secret sauce to making those partner connections smooth and practical, ensuring your Nearbound strategy runs like a well-oiled machine.

Leave with this... ✌️

Nearbound is not just a strategy; it's a revolution.

By joining forces with your connectors, you're not just expanding your reach but multiplying your opportunities. It's about creating a powerhouse network where everyone wins.

So, ready to jump on the Nearbound bandwagon? It's time to turn those partnerships into revenue-generating machines!


Posted February 16, 2024