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How to get your sales team to adopt Relationship-led Growth (RLG)

Introducing new software to your sales team can be a challenging task. Humans resist change, and getting folks to adopt new software requires a significant effort. However, getting your sales team to the ‘aha moment,’ customized training, and ongoing support is essential to overcome these challenges.

The good news is that CoSell can take some of this burden off your shoulders.

Why CoSell? Why now?

Let’s face it. The days of solely relying on marketing to drum up leads are over.

The days of scrapping lead lists, importing the contacts into email automation, clicking “Go,” and expecting a full calendar is over.

Every revenue professional is fishing in the same pond, and the size of the pond hasn’t changed. What has changed is that it’s noisier and more competitive than ever before.

It’s time to adopt new channels.

Are we saying that you need to stop marketing-led and sales-led GTM strategies? No.

However, these days sales teams need to unlock revenue through new channels. Period.

Today is a new day— it’s time to look at Relationship-led growth.

What is Relationship-led Growth (RLG), and what is CoSell? 

Relationship-led growth (RLG) is a GTM strategy that entails building solid relationships with your investors, advisors, internal executives, partners, and all other stakeholders to exchange introductions to key prospects and customers.

Today, most sellers agree that referrals are gold. This is because referrals result in higher win rates, faster sales cycles, and more significant deals by a large margin compared to other channels for leads.

Even with a revenue leader's best intentions, getting sellers to adopt RLG as a go-to-market motion can be an uphill battle.

However, CoSell can save your sellers hours of manual work, enabling your sales team to impact your company's revenue substantially and scalably—all with the side effect of helping your company grow profitability.

Gone are the days of cobbling together tools meant for other tasks and job functions (i.e., Google sheets, Slack, LinkedIn) to unlock Relationship-led growth scalably. Finally, software built especially for relationship selling is here. Our product goal is to get your sales team to the 'aha moment' in the product as quickly as possible. That could be unlocking a new connection, an introduction executed, or even a closed-won deal.

Do my sellers need to adopt a new piece of software? No. CoSell's chrome extension meets your sellers where they live-- LinkedIn and email. CoSell makes RLG much easier by using those tools.

We understand, and we support you

As former revenue leaders and salespeople, we understand where you are coming from. We've been in your shoes. So we know that betting on a new process and product can be daunting, especially when rolling it out to a team of sellers.

While there are thousands of blog posts about referrals, social selling, and relationship selling, modern relationship-led tools are such a new entry to the space that reliable guidance is hard to find.

That's why we ask you to lean on us for support — as a chance to learn how best to leverage CoSell, relationship-led growth (RLG) and track and measure results for a net positive ROI.

You can find our Help Center, Blog, Community, Resources, and YouTube channel helpful as you roll out CoSell to your sellers.

Ever want to chat? Send a chat message inside of CoSell. We read and respond to every message that comes out way. 

In addition, we've created CoSell pre-launch communication examples that will enable you to effectively communicate the platform's use before launch. As we all know, first impressions are everything.

Posted March 1, 2023