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CoSell is now Hifive 🙌

Welcome to Hifive.

As Hifive (, we'll be doubling down on what we love most: helping b2b companies unlock a new and untapped channel -- relationship-led growth

Why did we make the change?

  • CoSell = sales first
  • Hifive = relationships first 

This name change opens up many use cases for us without limiting ourselves to only the sales use case. 

With Hifive, you can leverage relationships to: 

  • Sell
  • Fundraise 
  • Hire 
  • Partner
  • Network

Want to fast-track introductions? Partner with our Premium Connectors, a network of influencers in the marketing and sales technology realm. 

Along with our name change, we're rolling out a refreshed brand that amplifies our company mission and purpose. Hifive’s refreshed visual brand and website reflect this sharpened focus on building a platform ecosystem that aligns incentives, eliminates friction, and opens up relationship use cases. 




👋 See Hifive in action

See how you and your team can leverage our relationship-led outreach platform and premium connectors



Posted August 9, 2023