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Brendon Cassidy (CoSell) & Jason Lemkin (SaaStr) talks shop about the next-gen sales process



Jason Lemkin is a respected SaaS entrepreneur and investor. He founded Echosign, now Adobe Sign, and established SaaStr Fund to support early-stage SaaS companies. Lemkin's influential blog, SaaStr, and the annual SaaStr conference have significantly impacted the SaaS industry.

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Jason Lemkin

CEO, SaaStr

Brendon Cassidy co-founded at CoSell, a B2B sales team collaboration platform. He has been VP of Sales at Talkdesk, Echosign (now Adobe Sign), LinkedIn, and early advisor to Gong. Cassidy's expertise in sales leadership has contributed to the growth and success of many companies in the industry.

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Brendon Cassidy

Co-founder, CoSell

Highlights include: 
  • 💰 Paying top-performing salespeople well has a positive cascading effect on the hiring brand and the overall success of the company.
  • 📈 It's not enough to just see trends in the market, you need to have people who have been there from day one to maintain the culture and motivation.
  • 🤝 The key to success in sales is through referrals and warm introductions: "We just want to make it easy for people to get referrals and warm introductions from people that can help and are willing to help them."
  • 💼 Referral selling is the last untapped channel in the next-gen sales process.
  • 💡 Referrals turn cold outbound into warm introductions, making them more effective in sales.
  • 💭 "We need to start thinking strategically about engaging with customers, not just mass-producing interactions."
  • 💼 Companies can tap into their network of investors and advisors for referral sales, which can be more powerful and strategic than traditional outreach methods.
  • 💪 The best sales organizations understand their weaknesses and weaponize them before their competitors expose them as a liability.

Unlock the power of your network

CoSell is a platform for B2B teams to help drive introductions and referrals at scale. 

Posted May 12, 2023